torstai 26. huhtikuuta 2012

Immersion in RPG games

Immersion is something that is most relevant in RPG. Without immersion you don't really care about the choices you make, you will always make decisions which result for the least amount of hassle. RPG's are all about living through the protagonist's perspective or being yourself the protagonist.

If you're decisions correspond with how you would actually decide, you have a good immersion. So that you just couldn't make evil choice and it would feel bad for you or vice versa. Or that you can roleplay evil character and really throw yourself into it, like acting a part in a play.

Most interesting thing is that you can find new sides from yourself. You rarely in real life come across to situations where you literally hold somebodys life in your palms. But in video games it's possible. You may find that you're indeed a sadist in reality or something worse - though of course the game makes you feel that you get away with it. Do be careful if you ever come across in real life to a certain ring.

Gaming difficulty level

There is lot of talk about the diffuculty settings of games. Especially to those who play at easy or normal level. The debate is about receiving the right gaming experience and also how games ought to be played. Same kind of debate as should you put milk on your black tea or sugar in your coffee, which is more enjoyable and so on.

It really depends on the game, and for what reason you are playing games in your leisure time. If you're doing job that requires most of you're energy, you aren't going to play games like Touhou on lunatic difficulty. But there is something to lose if you play games which are designed to be for the hardcore players, unless if it's  story driven game.

Story driven games are more about choices and interaction, hence high difficulty isn't necessary or even good for games which lack proper gameplay.

I recommend putting the normal difficulty always as default, and then playing through the game to a point where you have succeeded to about 20%. Then you should consider raising or lowering the difficulty. Of course the game hardens as you go, which can be quite enjoyable. As you know that you are developing as you play.

Frustration and anger isn't always bad. Games that make you go through different emotions are usually the best games you play, since they make you immersed and make you feel like, you are part of something great.

Enquire to the different settings of games and find the best preferences that suit you, don't care about others. You enjoy games for you're own sake, not for the sake of others.