keskiviikko 2. toukokuuta 2012

Prioritising in making games

Game is a game, Im apparently not even being the captain obvious here. There are lots of people who compare games, based on their graphics exclusively. The graphics is something that is "the cherry in the top". Of course it can be essential for the game to have outstanding graphics or very unique graphic style. Games like Journey and Trine or other games like that. But for those, to not have the gameplay itself, would make them rather a gallery of graphic styles, compared to a game of interaction and being on other reality. By gameplay I mean in a rather broad perspective. Things like game engine, controls, innovativeness, enjoyability etc. the stuff which is the heart of the game. We should not forget the reason why we play games. Graphical effects and such, should only be enjoyed in movie or a cutscene in the game.

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